The mission of WinProcess is a valuable contribution to your production. Therefore, we represent for you selected partners in the Benelux to guarantee high quality, service and continuity. They have been known for years in the process industry and deliver both components and complete solutions. To get a quick view of the programm please download the overview presentation here.



A BHS Company

Mixers, dryers, calciners, pyrolyse reactors, installations, modifications.

Silo's, discharge systems, dosing and weighing, conveying, Turn key, bio mass.

Stainless steel drums, pressure vessels, accessoires, special designs.

Centrifuges, flash- and spray dryers, micronizers.


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Mixing: batch and continuous, vertical and horizontal

Drying: contact and vacuum dryers, flash and spray dryers

Reacting: under pressure or vacuum, high temperatures

Centrifuges: batch and continuous, vertical and horizontal

Storage: silos, drums and pressure durms, mixing buffers

Discharging: oszillomat

Bulk handling: conveying, dosing, buffering, weighing

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Building materials

Minerals and ore

Waste management and recycling



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Testing possibilities

Before you decide to invest in a machine or plant you want to make sure that this brings your expectations into practice. Therefore our partners have the opportunity to test your application in modern testing centers.

So you have absolute certainty that your new investment leads to optimal results.






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Riera Nadeu super centrifuge

The RINA SRP models are vertical decanting tubular bowl centrifuges turning at very high speed (15.000G mini).

They are used for solid-liquid separation or liquid-liquid separation.

The super centrifuge allows the extraction of very fine impurities suspended in a liquid phase with low concentration of solids.

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Providing a machine or equipment is one thing. But they require maintenance. Fast response to any faults is a must. The supply of spare parts and necessary modifications to your equipment should be realized quickly and smoothly.

WinProcess works with flexible partners that understand this and put into practice.

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Discharge/dosing by Geroldinger - Oszillomat!



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