The mission of WinProcess is a valuable contribution to your production. Therefore, we represent for you selected partners in the Benelux to guarantee high quality, service and continuity. They have been known for years in the process industry and deliver both components and complete solutions. The delivery program is about mixers, dryers, reactors, centrifuges, drums and funnels, bulk handling.

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Partners of WinProcess in the Benelux

BHS-Sonthofen Process Technology GmbH
Mixers, dryers, calciners, evaporators, pyrolyse reactors, installations, modifications.

Bolz Intec GmbH
Stainless steel drums abd funnels, pressure drums, accessoires, special designs.

Riera Nadeu SA
Centrifuges, flash- and spray dryers, micronizers.

Geroldinger GmbH
Silo's, discharge systems, dosing and weighing, conveying, Turn key, bio mass.


Horizontal Ribbon blenders and Ploughshare mixers (batch and continuous)

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Applications in the industry

Mixing: batch and continuous, vertical and horizontal

Drying: contact and vacuum dryers, flash and spray dryers

Reacting: under pressure or vacuum, high temperatures

Centrifuges: batch and continuous, vertical and horizontal

Storage: silos, drums and pressure durms, mixing buffers

Discharging: oszillomat

Bulk handling: conveying, dosing, buffering, weighing




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Industries where WinProcess is active




Building materials

Minerals and ore

Waste management and recycling


Laboratories and Pilot plants




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BHS drying technology

High efficiency dryers with low energy consumption!

Contact dryers are basically mixers with the ability to heat the product quickly and efficiently. The product is constantly and evenly transported along the wall by the mixing elements and the heat is transferred to the product by heating it with hot water, steam, oil or electricity. The big advantage is that this happens in a closed housing. The moisture is quickly removed through a filter system, possibly with a vacuum unit behind it. If a wet product is dried that enters a pasty phase, lumps may form, but these can be prevented by using choppers. The result is a lump-free free flowing powder with a (very) low moisture content.

BHS has vertical dryers in batch version and horizontal dryers in batch and continuous version. BHS has a modern test center available where you can test the machines on a small scale with your products. BHS can scale the results to production capacities, batch or continuous.

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Riera Nadeu centrifuges

Flexible program with various versions

Centrifuges are common in the process industry and are indispensable to obtain a higher solids content from a slurry. By high G forces, the liquid is separated from the solid as much as possible in a short time. This can be done by using a filter that allows the cake that is formed to allow the liquid to pass through, or by using a decanter that causes the separation due to the difference in density of liquid and solid.

Riera Nadeu has horizontal centrifuges in batch version and vertical centrifuges in batch and continuous versions.

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Bolz Intec drums and funnels

High quality and customization

Drums and hoppers are mainly used for storage, transport and handling of powders, pastes and liquids. If a high quality of materials, welding and finishing is expected, then the choice is not very large. And certainly if customization comes into play for funnels in particular. Drums and funnels that are used in a demanding environment are often made of stainless steel or hastelloy and with a high-quality finish of the walls, even electropolished to a Ra of < 0.25 m. A step further is the possibility to provide the drum with various connections for filling, unloading, etc. If a pressure or vacuum in the drum is required, an extra strong wall will be used.

A new technology from Bolz Intec is the OGF proces (Optimized Grind Finishing). With special abrassive tools a roughness depth of even R = < 0,1u is achieved. You can read about this in an interesting article. Please click on the photo below.









Testing possibilities

Before you decide to invest in a machine or plant you want to make sure that this brings your expectations into practice. Therefore our partners have the opportunity to test your application in modern testing centers.

So you have absolute certainty that your new investment leads to optimal results.








Riera Nadeu super centrifuge

The RINA SRP models are vertical decanting tubular bowl centrifuges turning at very high speed (15.000G mini).

They are used for solid-liquid separation or liquid-liquid separation.

The super centrifuge allows the extraction of very fine impurities suspended in a liquid phase with low concentration of solids.

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New test reactor from BHS Process Technology!

This BHS pilot reactor can withstand temperatures of up to 650 degrees and an overpressure of up to 10 barG. The basis consists of the proven mixing technique that is used for an effective movement of product in the drum in combination with. the transfer of heat from the electrically heated drum. Various processes such as pyrolysis or calcination can be carried out in this way, optionally in combination with mixing, drying, granulating. At BHS, this test reactor stands for both its own research and for companies that want to try out their product/process.







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