For continuous or batch mixing of powders and/or liquids you are at the right address with BHS! Whether you want to mix two or more then 20 components.

The mixing elements are a special modification of plough type shovels and guarantee intensive mixing but are also cost beneficial.

Various types of choppers may be used for support, for example in granulating processes, during fat adding or deagglomeration of components.

The mixer can be fully designed to your application and is quallity made in Germany.

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Geroldinger has vertical mixers in their program for the homogenising of granulates up to 10.000 ltr. in 10 minutes. In addition, special mixing silos are used till 200m3 for homogenising large batches containing components that are difficult to blend.

These components are brought into the silo as layers and discharged via a special discharge system. The product is then, by means of a vertical transport system, directed to the top in order to be deposited at the top, and to take part in the process again.

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For drying processes you found the right specialist with BHS. They make use of contact dryers whereby the product is efficiently transported along the heated drum jacket.

Thermal oil, hot water or steam can be used. Vacuum can be applied so the moisture evaporates from the product and the drying process can be continued under precise control until the desired moisture content is reached.

The mixing tools in the dryer ensures that all the product almost simultaneously participate in the drying process, which considerably shortens drying times, saving money.

For special high temperature applications with electric heating the drum can be designed to achieve 900 degrees Celsius.

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40 bar pressure and 900 degrees Celsius ... some impressive data indicating that BHS is able to manufacture some serious reactors.

Here again, the special mixing tools are used to ensure maximum impact. Stages from solids or liquids to solids / gas or liquid / gas reactions can occur during the process.

BHS has both horizontal and vertical systems in their program. High pressure or vacuum, high temperatures or cooling, direct heating or indirect heating, with or without choppers. Also very aggressive products can be handled.

This all means for you that BHS can supply the reactor for your process.

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Storage and discharging

The storage systems of Geroldinger excel in efficiency and versatility. The Multigon silo has an octagonal design so that the ratio product / space is optimally used.

The cylindrical silos up to 1000 m3 are easy to clean and choice of materials are aluminum or steel (airtight welded). All associated equipment can be included such as filtering, level measuring and anchoring.

For really difficult products Geroldinger has developed a special container / dosing system. Volumes up to 2m3 volume and equipped with the unique discharge system Oszillomat in combination with a dosing unit.

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Riera Nadeu has a variety of RINA centrifuges in various designs. The correct choice of a centrifuge is determined by e.g. the capacity, cake properties, vertical or horizontal construction, batch or continuous.

A number of centrifuge types are equipped with an automatic discharge whereby the solid substance is simply discharged after the separation.

The implementation is also different per application as well as branch-dependent. For example, there are special versions for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. The chemical version is very stable due to a sophisticated construction and can achieve very high capacities. A washing step can be built in.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology types are often installed in clean rooms and are carried out in accordance with GMP guidelines. Many options and configurations are possible.

The continuous systems are mainly used for the separation of crystalline, granular or fibrous particles in a suspension. The product must show a high filtration rate, between 30 and 80% solid content, and particles size between 50 and 5000 ┬Ám.

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