The food industry is very present in the Benelux. The requirements regarding hygiene and cleaning are getting higher and higher.

As a supplier, you need to meet these requirements and to respond to the changes. The partners of WinProcess have been supplying high-quality systems to the pharmaceutical industry already.

Especially processes that ask for a challenge are of interest to us. In situations where customization and a lot of knowledge is required we are happy to discuss this with you.


Also the chemical industry is well represented in the Benelux and contributes a significant share to the economic engine. She relies on suppliers that can deliver the right machines and systems but also can be a partner, involved in your processes and developments.

Much experience and references are necessary as well as proper testing facilities to test new formulas. By staying ahead of the competition and choosing the right partner, companies remain profitable and successful.

WinProcess wants to contribute to the growth in the chemical industry and can make the difference as a partner for you.


The high demands in the pharmaceutical industry are justified because it finally comes to all of our health. The strict guidelines are a major challenge for suppliers and it is a must not only to provide the appropriate equipment, but having the right knowledge and speak the language of the customer.

Developments are going rapidly and even continuously systems find their way in the pharmaceutical industry. The partners of WinProcess are very capable in this industry and can provide solutions that help you grow and develop.

Building materials

How would we live without building materials. How would we save ourselves without roads and houses. Just a few examples of the essence of building materials which we desperately need for our society.

To produce these materials, hardwearing and durable installations are necessary. Mixers with special mixing elements and large discharge openings for short cycle times, because time is money.

Silos with smart space partitions and discharge systems for difficult flowing products. Reliable conveying and dosing systems.

BHS and Geroldinger are experienced partners when it comes to equipment that have to meet the strong demand.

Minerals and ore

Abrasiveness is a term that comes to mind when we speak about minerals or ores. But also high mixing quality and short mixing times.

That combination is absolutely no problem for BHS. Made in Germany heavy duty quality is certainly in place here. Much information can be found on the BHS website.

Geroldinger is a dedicated partner in this area and has delivered many turn key systems. This involves storage, conveying, dosing, weighting etc.

Waste management and recyling

Where do we go with our waste and are they reusable? The strong growth in this sector show that we care about the environment and want to save money at the same time.

Investments pay themselves back over time because this is the future. Even when there is still much research needed and the willingness to go "green".

In any case, you need plants that are calculated for use in heavy duty applications and that are also very versatile. Processing of ashes, biomass, sludge, the recycling of automobile tires or plastics...just to name a few.

Do you have a project in this area? Contact WinProcess and discover the possibilities.


A specialty of Geroldinger is the design, construction and delivery of biomass plants. It manufactures the key systems like storage, conveying and discharging to and from the boiler.

Geroldinger has build several biomass power plants and is your qualified partner if you want to invest in one.

For more information please see the link to the brochure. And definitely take a look at the video special by Geroldinger!

Geroldinger Biomass


Often, it begins in the lab. R & D staff develop new products on lab scale equipment. After that production in high capacity machines follow.

The lab equipment needed must be flexible, scalable and easy to clean. The parameters which are so important for the proper recipe or process should ultimately be transferred to production scale.

A very good example are the BHS laboratory machines. The horizontal or vertical mixers and dryers excel in versatility and cleanability.

Contact us and experience the possibilities for your R&D lab.